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DNA Complete Kits! The Review!

Anthony Molyneux-

“This is the perfect kit if you have always fancied like making your own hookbaits it has all the instructions in the box and couldn’t be easier to do! Top Tip- If you make the baits a few days before you plan to use them then air dry them, it makes the hookbait harder and therefore they take longer to expand in the water!”


Evolution, the natural progression of improving something acceptable into something exceptional. Successfully adapted to better suit its environment. DNA have taken what they class as the very best in carp baits, and evolved their key attributes to improve them further. Taking our superb freezer range we have built an advanced DIY hook bait concept that is created to get the hook bait taken first, and quickly, in any baiting scenario. Further still, we have also given you the angler, the option to evolve this range further to suit your own specific needs and the angling situation that you may be faced with.

The hookbaits as they come, are salt cured and are highly attractive to carp long before the wrap is added due to the boosted levels of soluble ingredients contained in the bait. This, along with the increased osmosis created by the curing process of the hookbait, means that you have a higher and more sustained release of attractors released right from the core of the bait than you would a standard ‘out of the bag’ bait. Of course any increase in osmosis means that your bait will soften quicker. After extensive testing during summer water temperatures we feel we have now struck the right balance for hookbait hardness. We would recommend that during the height of summer these hookbaits are suitable for 12-18 hours. During winter and spring of course this is vastly increased and we have left baits out unaffected for 48hrs. These hookbaits are an incredible edge all year round especially now during a time when it seems almost every rig going out has some kind of brightly coloured addition. This is pure natural attraction at its finest.

Remember, there is no right way or wrong way to prepare these baits, only YOUR way!

Middlewich Spring League Winners!

Each year we enter a team into this league and enjoy the sport that the Trent and Mersey has to offer! This year it was more than just a squat and ground attack, with hemp required and a big fish approach with worm and caster in some sections.

The team consisted of myself, Ian Morrison, Roger Gardom and Paul Hughes (with Lewis Breeze making an appearance as a stand in, in one round – cheers pal!

Although down on numbers this year, it was as competitive as ever! Keith Betley runs a great league and all anglers commend the work himself and his team put into organising the event each year. I personally think numbers were down somewhat as there are so many events running at the same time.

From the outset we fished well as a team, by the end of the league we had won by a considerable margin. Granted we had drawn some good pegs, but as captain I also felt we maximised the points from the difficult areas, this is key in any team event.

Special mention must go to the top team performer Ian Morrison. I did draw him some great pegs and he certainly delivered the goods, managing to frame in each round!

Final league:
Ted Carter Southport- 145
Browning Lifestyle Red- 124
Tri-Cast Highfield- 111
Betley’s Monsters- 98
Team Les ‘O’- 97

Some of the team managed to qualify for the recent Maver Classic Final down at Larford Lakes. We had a great few days down at Larford, especially witnessing team member Pete Richmond scooping fifth spot overall with two great matches over both days! Having fished with Pete for a number of years he is always difficult to beat and did well to finish fifth against such an accomplished field!

The next few months will see the team preparing for the commercial national and division one national!  These take place at Cudmore/Heronbrook and the River Trent Respectively. The teams for both of these will be finalised by the end of June after a selection meeting.

On top of this, the team will be working hard to defend their title in the Stapeley Summer League on the midlands canals!  We won this event last year and having spoken to and selected the team again for this year it appears the lads are as keen as ever and working hard in their preparation for the event.

Thanks again to all at Ted Carters Fishing Tackle for their support and sponsorship of the team!

-Chris Gorrell

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Angry Grandmother Wants Children Banned from Fishing!

Ridiculous things happen on a daily basis during a working week in this place, but none as ridiculous as this…

I dedicate a lot of time trying to get kids out of the house and on to the bank. Fishing is a great, enjoyable sport and has been part of the childhood of almost everyone I know. I used to love nothing better that getting out on the bank with my Dad when I was a kid. We offer free advice, massive discounts and even free tackle to kids of all ages and organisations that want to help get kids in to our beloved sport.

Like most kids of my generation, I hated being in doors and wanted to get outside! The same can not be said for today’s youth. Staying in, sitting on the couch and playing on the a games console is the order of the day and it’s terribly hard to get todays kids out in to nature. I’d say that 99% of parents don’t want their kids to be a couch potato and I’d actively encourage them to get down to their local tackle shop, pick up some fishing gear and get out there (supervised of course)!

I received a letter this week, which I found to be, for want of a better descriptive; “stupid!”. Whoever sent this seems to think that fisherman don’t respect their catch, when we know that is far from the truth.

Here’s the letter, feel free to leave any comments on here. All will be forwarded to the local media to do with as they wish.

If you are this “Woman with common sense & values”, get in touch. I’d love to meet up, have a chat and educate you.

Ban Kids Fishing Letter



Angler Stabbed in Tackle Shop Attack

Wolsey's Tackle

Road rage I can understand, but rod-rage?

A man has been charged with attempted murder over a stabbing at a Belfast fishing tackle shop.

The 66-year-old male victim was attacked shortly after 3.30pm on Tuesday at Wolsey’s Tackle Shop on the Upper Newtownards Road in East Belfast.

He was stabbed in the head and neck.

Police have charged a 49-year-old man with attempted murder and possession of an offensive weapon. He is due to appear at Belfast Magistrates court on Thursday.

Credit: The Belfast Telegraph