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Matrix – Free Fishing DVD – Watch Online

Have a look at this amazing video. It may even change your style of fishing. Here Les Thompson and Ricky Teale give you some tricks on how to improve your fishing techniques.

Here are some links to the products that are used in this video

med_matrix-evolution-method-feeders                 med_evolution-pellet-feeders             med_matrix-open-end-feeders

Matrix Evolution Method Feeder         Pellet Feeder                          Open End Feeder

med_gfr062-076z              med_lg_sonu-supercrush-f1-groundbait-2kg                med_matrix-reflex-4000-reel

Horizon Feeder                                    Ground Bait                               Reflex Reel


England Youth Fly Fishing Captain Visits The Store!

Today we had the pleasure of having Oliver Avis in-store talking to us about his recent wins and upcoming competitions!

From winning the Brown Bowl to winning gold in the Team Worlds two years in a row, Oliver is a fisherman to be watching! With his personal best being a trout at 78cm that he caught during the Worlds in Italy! This bright young fisherman is only 17 and with these types of medals and championships that he has already won, he is definitely one to watch in the future!


New Aqua Products!

A lot of you have been asking, and here it is! We officially have Aqua Products in-store and online, and the best thing? They’re available now!

These products are not to be missed, and with having the likes of Nick Helleur and Myles Gibson on their team its no coincidence that this is thought of as the Louis Vuitton of carp fishing!

Aqua started just up the road in Chorley and still prides itself as being based there, as well as being a sister company to Trakker and Cygnet, two other brands that are currently selling like hot cakes in the shop! With their attention to detail in their products and high quality resources, their products really are first class. But don’t take my word for it have a look at the review on iTalkTackle!