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Connoisseur G20 Pole Package 16m (2012 Model)


Connoisseur G20 Pole Package 16m (2012 Model)

Supplied With: 2 x Match top three kits (rated to no.16 elastic, 4 x Interlastic power kits (rated to no.20 elastic, 1 x Super 4th abbreviated section, 1 x Tournament cupping kit, 1 x Daiwa holdall


The Connoisseur G20 maintains the performance and quality of the previous design but now with various key improvements. An enhanced package of seven 'set ups'; one more than before, including four Interlastic power kits and two match top threes. This gives you the ideal mix of kits for hydro and lighter elastics. The pole also features Daiwa's improved ITS, Integrated Taping System. Employing the same textured tape innovation but at a lot more concentrated pitch of 2.5mm we have created a consistent texture that slides smoothly but dramatically reduces sticking in the hands. This a major benefit when shipping out at long lengths. Also available in a 13m option originally designed for the continental market which comes supplied with an extensive spares package of one fitted top five match, two spare top five match kits, TCUP cupping kit, reversible PHEX and free holdall. Features: - New interlastic power kits. - New Integrated Taping System on sections 5,6 & 7. - Diamond Satin slide easy paint on 8,9,10 & butt. 

Sorry, this product is no longer available.