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Fox Micron NX Bite Alarm


Fox Micron NX Bite Alarm

The NX Micron alarm from Fox, is packed with many innovative new features, to blow away the competition, with the only notable exception being that its not compatible with the NTX Receiver. The NX uses 2x AA batteries to make it more user-friendly, but to also help offer amazing battery life. It also benefits from Fox`s top-secret D-Tec Sensing System. This eliminates the need for reed switches, which are usually the first part to break if the alarm is dropped or knocked. This means all N Series alarms are ultra durable.

Key features include:

  • Adjustable volume, tone and sensitivity. 
  • Multi colour LED (red, green, cyan, blue, white, purple). 
  • Intelligent sensitivity system. 
  • Tru-run roller wheel. 
  • D-Tec sensing system. 
  • Silent head option. 
  • Low battery drain. 
  • Digital circuitry. 
  • Power out & power out+ socket. 
  • Extension box socket. 
  • High quality cone speaker. 
  • Each alarm is supplied with: 2x AA batteries. 
  • Micron user guide. 
  • Buzzer bar locking screw.
  • Battery and LED tool.
  • 3.5mm-2.5mm jack converter.
Sorry, this product is no longer available.