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Bait Up Card

What's this all about?

Earn points every time you spend money at Ted Carter on-line or in the shop. The Bait Up card scheme came in to affect on Tuesday 15th May 2012 and is available to everybody, young or old, whatever your address, whether you live in the UK or on the moon (due to UPS/Royal Mail restrictions we currently do not deliver to the moon). When you have registered your card, all purchases made on the web-site or in the shop will earn you points on your Bait Up card. Bait Up cards can not be used with telephone orders. Like with most other schemes like this, if you're coming in store, you will need your card with you. But, if you do forget your card, just keep hold of your receipt and your points can be added up to 14 days later by presenting your card and receipt at the counter.  

Registering your card.

You can register your card here. As soon as you register you'll get 200 points just for entering your details. You must register your card in order to redeem points and to use your card on-line, but you can earn points in the shop before you register, so you can start saving straight away! If you receive your card in the post then you will receive a slip of paper with your unique 6 digit pin. Register your card as soon as possible. Once registered you will no longer require the pin number. If you pick up a card in store, your unique 6 digit pin will be printed on the bottom of each receipt until you register.Register your card as soon as possible. Once registered you will no longer need the pin number.  

How many points will I earn?

You will collect Bait Up points on whatever you spend. Bait will get you 10 points, most other tackle will get you 1 point (unless otherwise stated) . You'll also have the opportunity to earn exclusive bonus points on products every now-and-again.  

How many points have I got?

Your card balance is displayed on the bottom of your receipt every time you use your card. For those who don't have a Bait-Up card they will see something like "You could have earned 100 points", just to tease them. You can also see your balance at any time by checking the "My Clubcards" page in your account.  

Redeeming your points.

You can redeem your points against any product at the on-line checkout, or in the shop.  

The points layout is subject to change at any time. Bonus points will be available as special offers from time-to-time. We may add/deduct points from any department at any time. This will not affect previously earned points.