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24 hours of the new tedcarter.co.uk

Well, that was eventful...

We launched our brand new website yesterday night and it's been live for almost 24 hours. Thousands of visitors have passed through, tons of orders have been placed and we've had hits from all over the world on a wide range of devices from mobile phone's to TV's.

We showed a survey, (which will still be popping up if you're new here) and the results are in. At the time of writing only 1 person who has completed the survey, doesn't like it ...you can't please everyone!

We used the comments to make further improvements, and now it's even better! One visitor pointed out that the search function could be improved by making a few tweaks. We agreed and we made some changes - try it out now.

It's a never ending job, and we will be ever improving, so please keep checking back to see what we're up to. If you have any comments about the sites layout, navigation or functionailty, let us know and our geeks will be right on it!