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Angry grandmother wants children banned from fishing!

Ridiculous things happen on a daily basis during a working week in this place, but none as ridiculous as this…

I dedicate a lot of time trying to get kids out of the house and on to the bank. Fishing is a great, enjoyable sport and has been part of the childhood of almost everyone I know. I used to love nothing better that getting out on the bank with my Dad when I was a kid. We offer free advice, massive discounts and even free tackle to kids of all ages and organisations that want to help get kids in to our beloved sport.

Like most kids of my generation, I hated being in doors and wanted to get outside! The same can not be said for today’s youth. Staying in, sitting on the couch and playing on the a games console is the order of the day and it’s terribly hard to get todays kids out in to nature. I’d say that 99% of parents don’t want their kids to be a couch potato and I’d actively encourage them to get down to their local tackle shop, pick up some fishing gear and get out there (supervised of course)!

I received a letter this week, which I found to be, for want of a better descriptive; “stupid!”. Whoever sent this seems to think that fisherman don’t respect their catch, when we know that is far from the truth.

Here’s the letter, feel free to leave any comments on here. All will be forwarded to the local media to do with as they wish.

If you are this “Woman with common sense & values”, get in touch. I’d love to meet up, have a chat and educate you.