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Exclusive Bait at Ted Carter

As a major bait supplier, we are given exclusive launches of special products. Last weekend at The Northern Angling Show we were given new ranges of bait to try out and sell, these included Sonu’s new 24/7 range and new Lava and also Ringers’ new pellet wafters.


24/7 Boiles (available in 12, 15, 18mm)

This new range of boilies from the guys at Sonu Baits have proved awesome in pre-launch field testing. If you want instant results, get on this new bait NOW! This is the freezer bait you don't need to freeze. Unlike normal freezer baits, 24/7 stay at peak freshness. Bait that is always absolutely fresh means that you are fishing at the top of the game.Composed of high quality ingredients including a blend of bird foods, milk proteins, and nut meals, further enhanced with high levels of digestive accelerators, sweeteners, and palate enhancers. 24/7 creates a very rounded sweet nutty flavour which carp instantly recognise as a quality food source because all the ingredients are highly palatable and instantly digestible.


24/7 Glug

This PVA friendly glug consists of the same concentrated liquid ingredients as used in 24/7 boilies. This contains nut oils, digestive accelerators, sweeteners, and palate enhancers, and also includes dissolved salts and sugars.


24/7 Oil

The Sonu Baits 24/7 Oil contains the same ingredients as the Sonu Baits 24/7 Glug which has been added to a blend of high quality oils. Best of all it's also PVA Friendly!


24/7 Wafters

A range of semi buoyant hook baits for the 24/7 bait range. These are excellent, either fished by themselves, or over a bed of 24/7 boilies or pellets. These hookbaits are less buoyant than a standard pop-up, by using these you can counterbalance the weight of the hook.

Available as standard 15mm wafters,  assorted pot of 15mm washed out mixed colours for those extra wary specimens.


24/7 Pop up’s

A range of Pop-Ups for the 24/7 bait range. These are excellent, either fished by themselves, or over a bed of 24/7 boilies or pellets.

Available in three sizes of standard pop-ups, 12mm, 15mm, or 18mm, or in an assorted pot of washed out mixed colours for those extra wary specimens.


Lava (available in 24/7, Bloodworm, Cheesy Garlic, Code Red, F1, F1 Green, Hallibut, Krill, Spicy Sausage and Pineapple)

This awesome liquid additive is a coloured flavour that can be used to glug baits, soak pellets, or add to any groundbait, PVA sausage, spod, or method mix to produce a trail of flavour through the water column that is just irresistible to fish. It's a soak, a glug, and a spod-mix additive, all rolled into one, and is the perfect enhancement to any bait. The concentration of flavour and cloud will mean you can get away with using small amounts to your hookbaits, feeders and PVA.

Comes in matching flavours to compliment Sonubaits products from both match and carp fishingThe perfect enhancement to any bait.


Ringers Pellet Wafter

These 8mm pellets "waft" as they are bouyant and are designed to be balanced with the Guru QM1 size 14 hook for perfect presentation. Loved by skimmers and carp, they will also be attractive to most species of coarse fish. Like a mini dumbell shaped boilie, they can be easily banded or hair rigged.