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Pick Of The Week - Fox Explorer Barrow

Fox Explorer Barrow

This week our specialist Nat has checked out the Fox Explorer Barrow. This is a unique design by Fox which incorporates all the previous experiences of the older models into this essential piece of equipment, it is suggested to be one of the most versatile barrows on the market. The lightweight barrow can be adjusted for longer distances which may include bedchairs, extra tackle and buckets are needed. Designed so that it can be easily adjusted with the extendable front barrow bag rack to create more space. As the barrow creates extra space, the weight is redistributed across the barrow meaning that it is always balanced, no matter what the weight. 

Some of the features on the Explorer include two mesh storage pockets that sit on the front of the barrow at either side of the wheel, perfect for a wide range of items including bait and 5ltr water bottle. The Explorer is packed with various other features including a central under barrow bag designed in a Fox Camo print. 

Ideal for fishing short day sessions the angler can leave the majority of their kit and tackle on the barrow saving time and energy. It also come in handy when it comes to packing up and moving to different locations with as little hassle as possible.

"This barrow is ideal for moving lots of kit around quickly and easily, I would highly recommend the Explorer and it means no more carry stuff on our back! Best of both worlds." Nat Cooke (Ted Carter Specialist) 

Key Features:

  • Robust, hi-tensile steel frame.
  • Ergonomically shaped removable handles.
  • Quick release wheel system.
  • Compact design.
  • Extendable front barrow bag rack.
  • Barrow strap frame attachment points.
  • Drop in camo barrow bag with top and side zipped access.
  • Compatible with Camolite storage and cool bags.
  • 2 x Mesh pockets with side access zips.
  • Swivelling mud feet with spiked bases for extra stability. 
  • Packed down size: 850mm x 645mm.

Buy now - www.tedcarter.co.uk/fox/fox-explorer-barrow-inc-straps