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Pick Of The Week - Korda Black & White Bobbins

Offering the ultimate in performance and functionality as well as a classic style and versatility. 

After an eagerly anticipated released, the Korda Black & White Bobbins were well and truly worth the wait! On first impressions, you can immediately tell of the high quality and the time taken into designing. But the most impressive quality is the performance ability. They are definitely a classic and one we're sure Korda are proud of. 

The bobbins range in 4 sizes. and each one comes with two interchangeable weights, all for various situations you might face and what you want your indicators to achieve. They are easily adjustable and even when using the biggest weight it is still very secure. You can customise the weights and tension depending on your line. They also come with two different chain lengths 6 and 9-inch versions, so you can easily choose between the two depending on your personal preference. 

The Hockey Sticks that are also available for the Black & Whites are fully compatible with the Korda Stow Indicators. Once you have attached the magnetic bayonet designed hockey stick, you have a great system with no moving parts and you can change between styles without having to adjust your alarms. 

The mechanism that runs through the middle of the body of the bobbins allows you to adjust the grip-strength of the line clips with one simple twist. Another way to customise them to your personal preference. The different bobbins within the range allow you to be equipt for every fishing situation. 

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