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Pick Of The Week - Korum KBI-R Bite Alarm & Receiver Set

Another one of Korum's top quality products to transform your fishing, the Korum KBI Bite Alarm & Reciever Set. A handy set that contains 3 different coloured  KBI Alarms and a wireless bite alarm receiver. With the latest technologies, Korum has created a bite indication system which makes it all so much easier. Compact, rugged and reliable, the alarms feature a 3-magnet sensitive roller wheel and a bright LED which boasts a 10-second alert feature and speaker volumes are that are optional and adjustable, making it the perfect choice for all forms of specimen fishing. 

The receiver is equipt with a long wireless range meaning you can monitor your poles from your bivvy. It also features an on/off switch and volume control. There are 6 volume settings on the receiver as well as a mute button and a vibration button, to fit any conditions. 

While the Korum KBI-R Bite Alarm & Receiver Set set includes the alarms and receiver, you can also get the Korum Bite Alarm Set which just includes a set of 3 alarms, Or you can buy the Bite Alarms individually. 

"Another top quality product from Korum, the receiver features a long distance range which makes it a great option. Its great value for money and I would definitely recommend." Nat Cooke (Ted Carter Specialist)

Key Features: 

  • Powered by a 9V battery
  • Adjustable volume
  • 5mm bright LED
  • 10-second latching LED
  • Adjustable locking nut and compression washer
  • Water guarded speaker
  • High output speaker
  • Sensitive bite indication