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Pick Of The Week - Ringers Washout Wafters

Following the success of the original Ringers Chocolate Orange Wafters, the new Ringers Washout Wafters variants are a great addition to the exclusive range. These 10mm wafters come with a washed out colour and a very pungent smell. The pellets 'waft' as they are buoyant and designed to be balanced with the hook for the perfect presentation. Loved by both skimmers and carp, they are also attractive to most species of coarse fish. These mini dumbell shaped boilies can be easily banded or hair rigged. These pellets "waft" as they are buoyant and are designed to be balanced with the hook for perfect presentation. Loved by skimmers and carp, they will also be attractive to most species of coarse fish. Like a mini dumbell shaped boilie, they can be easily banded or hair rigged.

They make a great method feeder or pellet waggler hookbait. Unlike conventional boilies these are designed to sit on the lake bed, they unique presentation is designed to make the bait move more naturally when fish are feeding. To get the presentation, this bait utilises the weight of the hook as the anchor, to keep them close to the lake bed but still enables them to be able to waft about when a fish is active over your baited spot. 

The already super successful wafters have been given the 'washout' treatment and are already proving to be a deadly hookbait when targeting all fish!