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Pick Of The Week - Sonu Baits Lava Rocks

From the Lava which created a buzz across the angling world, Sonu Bait has now released, new for 2017, Lava Rocks. An innovative, dehydrated granulated version to their original liquid lava additive. It has the same clouding effect but is only activated once in the water. 

Unlike the Lava Additive, the Lave Rocks are unflavoured so they can be used to enhance any flavour of bait. The Lava rocks come in 5 different colours which when added to your bait and feeders will capture the attention of even the wariest of fish. The rocks will stay on the bottom until they are disturbed by any passing fish. Once the rocks are activated they create a cloud of colour around your bait, keeping the fish around your hookbait, where it matters most. 

Designed to be added to your method moulds before adding the bait and they can also be used in PVA bags, applied through a CAD pot. The added colour of the rocks is designed to stand out in your presentation. These Lava Rocks are quickly becoming a must-have for any anglers side tray!