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Pick Of The Week - Vass Nova Studded Chest Waders


The Vass-Tex 700E Nova Chest Waders now feature the exclusive addition of the new, reinforced Vass Boots. The boot itself comes with a wider calf design and foot fitting, intended to add extra comfort. The Vass waders are produced using high-quality Vass-Tex 700 smooth PVC outer coat and a softer polyester inside for slight stretch but which also acts as a shock absorber for the seams. 

The new Vass Boot system offer comfort, reliability and reinforced hard wearing properties, meaning they are designed to suit virtually every weather condition. Vass produces continues high standard products and these Vass Chest Waders are no exception. They also feature box-stitched reinforced brace loops, hard wearing chunky sole, internal pockets and internal drawcord in the chest area for safety and comfort. Made from easy repair material, you'll never be with these Waders!

Key Features: 

  • Box stitch reinforcement with elasticated braceloop.
  • Quad-Welded seams for ultimate strength.
  • Large heal kicker.
  • Internal pocket and draw cord around the chest.
  • New High Quality Vass Boot.
  • Reinforced ankle, lower shin, and toe area (Double layer tough PVC).
  • Wider calf and foot fitting for comfort.
  • High grip cleated sole with tungsten carbide micro-studs.

Order now! >> http://prosho.ps/3NgGXv