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Ted Carter Winter Catch of the Month


Wanna win? It's easy!

WE love seeing your catch photos here at Ted Carter, and even if it’s not a monster or a PB we want to see your catch and smiling faces!

Every month we're giving away 500 Bait Up Points to the best catch reports. It could be a catch you’re really proud of,  a new PB or just a good photo and a story that you’d like to share. Exclusive Bait Up points are up for grabs, all you have to do is send us your catch report, making sure you include the information below and take into account a few guidelines, also listed.

We will be using lots every week so keep an eye out and YOU could be the star of Ted Carters Winter Catch competition!

Catch submissions should be sent to: catch@tedcarter.co.uk

Even if you don't win, or your biggest catch is a stickleback from the puddle behind your house, if it's a good story with a good picture, we'll throw 100 Bait Up Points your way!

To enter, you MUST include the following:

  1. Full catch details, including weight, species, method, bait and any other interesting information.
  2. The venue name
  3. Your information, including email and telephone number. If possible, include your age and occupation.


Tips on sending in catch reports:

  • We will only use photos of fish with the captor in the same shot. Photos of fish laying on the mat or ground will not be used.
  • We strongly discourage the use of any sort of towel or gloves when handling any species of fish. Damp hands are by far the kindest technique. The use of an unhooking mat is also strongly recommended and we reserve the right to not use catch shots of fish where a mat is not in use.
  • Please attach images directly to the e-mail, our systems can easily download quality images. 
  • The photo must be of a reasonable size and quality. Only send the best one or two shots, rather than dozens of the same catch.  We are unable to use small thumbnail images so please check the dimensions of the image before sending. For example, a file of something like 100-400kb would probably be unusable.